5 Stages of Love That Every Couple Has To Face

5 stages of love that every couple has to face

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People are in search of ‘real lasting love’ ever since they start understanding what love is. Some of us get lucky and find the love of our life at a very young age but some of us keep searching for ‘the one’ even way ahead in life and may or may find it.

It is found that many marriages fall apart not because people have chosen the wrong person but because they fail to cross a certain stage of love with that person.

It takes time, effort, and patience to make a relationship work in real life, and if you closely monitor the different stages of Love in your relationship, see where you are, and find a way to conquer every stage together, no one can stop you from attaining the blissful forever.

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Top Most Known Five Stages of Love

Today we will talk about the 5 Stages of Love that every couple faces at some point in their love life, namely, Falling in Love, Becoming a Couple, Disillusionment, Stability, and Making a Difference in the world together. We will learn what every stage brings and how you can overcome it.

Stage 1: Falling in Love

The first stage of love starts right after you fall in love with someone. We are always trying to find someone who we can call our soul mate and during this stage, we finally come across a person who has the potential of becoming our lifelong partner.

In this stage, we often ignore the flaws of our partners and are attracted to their positive side. It is a stage full of excitement, fun, and adventure! You fall hard and are driven by hormones.

You wish your relationship to remain the same forever but slowly as the two start to get comfortable with each other and the rush of hormones clams down, you are faced with the ultimate judgment i.e. do you want to level up your relationship or not?

Stage 2: Becoming a Couple

When you and your partner decide to remain together even after knowing each other’s flaws and other negative aspects, you enter the second stage. In this stage, you officially become a couple who share unconditional love, care, and compassion.

Many couples take a significant step together like moving in or confessing their love for each other out in public. Your bond as a couple gets deeper and develops further. You start donating to each other as ‘us’ and think about developing a life of ‘the two of us’.

Although in this stage the head-over-heels love ends but if you get over it you develop a new more emotional, comforting, and safe love relationship with each other.

Stage 3: Disillusionment

The third stage of love is said to be a hard and sudden stage for a couple to overcome. In this stage, the couple together and individually feels trapped in their life. Things start to become gloomy and the monotonous routine of life brings you down. You start to lose the spark in your relationship.

Couples start ignoring each other and get busy in their individual life (work, family). They often think that the love they once had is gone and their partner is also not the same person anymore. This change makes them lose all hope for the future of their relationship and they decide instead of being so miserable together, it’s better to end things.

The only way that a couple can overcome this stage of disillusionment is together. Even if one of the partners decides to end things you cannot work. Try calming down and talking to each other, taking a break from your life and spending some quality time, bringing back the old sparks by remembering the good old days and telling each other what you liked the most and what you miss the most about each other.

It is hard but you can achieve it, TOGETHER.

Stage 4: Stability

Couples that overcome the grim third stage of the relationship enter the peaceful stage of stability together. The big storm has finally passed away uprooting and destroying every week's spot giving you the chance to rebuild a much safer, stable, and stronger house.

Now, you have to make sure that you do not make the same mistakes as you did before, learn, forget, and move on.

Stage 5: Making a Difference

Some people believe that the fourth stage is the last stage of a relationship but that is not true. Once you have found stability between the two of you, you should strive to go further, look beyond your relationship and find ways by which you can bring stability to the world.

The two of you have overcome so much together that now you are in harmony with each other. Find ways by which you can share this harmony with the world and make a difference by supporting each other for achieving a greater goal.

Final Word

This was all about the 5 different stages of love. Can you relate to any of the stages? If yes, the put your opinion in the comment section below. We hope you find this article helpful.