Difference Between a Love and Lust: Signs To Know It For Sure

Difference between love & lust

Each person comes across a relationship in their life where they question themselves if it’s love or lust. We want to know is it just a simple infatuation or are we actually in love with someone.

These questions haunt not only young minds (who are new to the world of hormones) but individuals that are old and mature as well. It is because the difference between love and lust is a very thin line and it is we who draw this line ourselves.

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Well, today we will talk about the ways that will help you distinguish between love and lust so that you can pick a side and draw the line without any confusion.

Let’s start with the literal meaning of Love and Lust itself.

Love vs Lust: Meaning

Simply putting love is a deeply rooted emotional, spiritual, and mental connection between two people whereas lust branches out from physical and sexual intimacy.

Lust is said to be a stage of overwhelming sexual and physical attraction towards another person that may or not evolve into love.

Love on the other hand is a broader concept in which two people connect emotionally with each other and want to make the relationship work in the long term.

Love vs Lust: Signs To Know the Difference

You may be in love if…!!!!

A) You feel sad when they are sad:

When you can feel the sadness of another person with all your heart or when you cannot stand to see the other person sad, you can say that you have connected on an emotional level with the person.

B) You like to include them in events that are important to you:

When you want to share important events occurring in your life with someone like for example spending your vacations, birthdays, or a gathering where all your close friends (even family) are present it indicates that you want to connect on a deeper level with them.

C) You are not afraid to show your vulnerable self to them:

When you no longer want to cover your emotions in front of someone it shows that you feel secure and safe with them. Showing your true self to someone that was a stranger to you once means that you likely love them.

It may be Lust if…!!!!

A) You crave sexual intimacy with a person:

When you find yourself craving for someone just physically for example you create scenarios in your head where the two of you share passion sexually then it is likely that you are feeling lust towards them.

B) You can go without talking to them for a long time:

If you and your partner can stay away from each other without talking about your individual life, or when you have been seeing someone for a while but you know nothing about their personal life like parents, siblings, or simple things like if they like coffee or tea, it is probably lust.

C) You like to spend time together but never talk about the future:

When you like to be locked up with a person (going out, making out) for the weekend but don’t want them to be a part of your family get-togethers or meeting close friends, it’s possible that you don’t want to spend your future with them, thus it is Lust.

Love vs Lust: Why Should You Know The Difference?

As said earlier the line between love and lust is quite thin and it is us that have to draw that line and decide which side we want to be in.

Knowing the difference between the two and applying them to your situation helps you get somewhere when it comes to relationships.

The important thing to know is where you are in your relationship (according to your needs and preferences) and to make sure that the next person knows that as well.

For example, if you are not in a place in your life where you can sustain a deeply meaningful relationship but still crave companionship, knowing this, when your relationship begins to shift from just physical (lust) toward physical *and* emotional (love) you can talk to your partner and end things without many complications.

It will be wise if you find a person that shares your interests and needs so that situations never get to a ruff point in the first place.

Final Word

You cannot like love and hate lust and vice versa. Love and Lust both have their plus points and differences. It is we who have to decide what we want and stay clear about it.