Different Types of Sexual Positions You Can Enjoy With Escorts.

Five Different Types of Sex Positions

First of all, Escorts are not Prostitutes! Phenomenal adult entertainment services by beautiful escorts in Delhi await your visit. If you are a person who is still unaware of the escort services industry running in full swing in the dark, here is your chance to get to know all about it.

It is true that sexual activities in our country for the exchange of money are frowned upon and are illegal in the view of law as well. So, how is it that you can have sex with your hired escort?

The answer to this question is quite simple. You hire them for companionship and only after taking her consent, you can indulge in different kinds of sexual activities with her behind closed doors.

escort for various sex style

Escorts are Trained to Serve

Only the escorts of a recognized and authentic agency like ours possess call girls that are fully trained in every kind of sexual service needed to satisfy a client.

An escort with good experience can provide you with intimate services like a professional in Delhi. Our girls are not just beautiful they are skilled as well! They have the boldness and confidence required to serve the client without shying away.

Along with that, our call girls can be tender and caring if that is how the client needs them to be. They are a two-in-one package of a timid submissive and wild dominatrix.

If you want to enjoy this encounter with your chosen escort girl in Delhi, let her take charge! She will show you all that she has got and make your time with her worthwhile.

Having clarified all that, let’s come back to the main point: The Different kinds of Sexual Positions that escort in Delhi have mastered.

5 Sex position To Try With Delhi Escorts This Weekend

Cow Girl:

The best sex position to try out to bring out the best of an Escort experience in Delhi is the Cowgirl. Although you might have already tried at some point, this time is going to be different.

Your Call Girl is in full control of the depth, speed, and pressure during the cowgirl position. With her experience and training, she knows exactly how to phase this position for your ultimate pleasure.

69 Oral Sex:

This position requires mutual dedication as you and your Escort girl face each other in a manner so that both are giving and receiving oral sex.

Imagine yourself in the number 69 where your partner lays/rolls on your side with their legs facing your mouth. Both can work simultaneously to give pleasure to the other in this sex position.

Missionary Sex:

This sex position is a classic. Your escort lays on her back with her legs wide apart waiting for you to penetrate deep inside her. You will position yourself on top of the call girl, facing her and balancing your weight with your arms.

You are the master here! You control the phase of the Missionary position. The missionary position is no doubt the best sex position for intimacy and romance especially when you want to experience the submissive nature of your escort in Delhi.

Doggie Style Sex:

Go wild literally with the Doggy Style sex position. Your escort will be on all fours with her legs apart. You will position yourself behind her in a way that gives you absolute control.

From the back, you can spank your escort on her butt cheeks, go for anal sex, pull her hair, etc. You play the dominating role here.


Spooning is the best for those lay mornings where you want to wake up your sleeping escort girl by teasing her and taking her by surprise.

You will lay on your side while the escort lays on her same side in front of you so that your front can be pushed up against her back fitting like a spoon.

As soon as the escort realizes what you have in your mind for her this morning, she will raise her leg giving you space to penetrate her.

Final Word

These were the best sex position to try with your escort girl on biases of popularity. You can always go beyond them by asking your hired call girl about more sex positions. Also for more knowledge, you can refer to the Kama Sutra for deeper insight into Sex positions.